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Privacy Policy

 By agreeing to the SITT (Southern Indiana Triathlon Team) Privacy policy, you as a member agree to:

  • Allow all SITT Board members access to all information fields established during the registration process. Data is stored on Personify Wild Apricot servers for use by the Southern Indiana Triathlon Team.
  • Allow SITT membership access to your email and phone number through the Wild Apricot website, Wild Apricot Member mobile application, as well as the Wild Apricot Administrator. This information is visible to members once logged into the application and is not visible to the general public.
  • Allow SITT to contact you through email and phone. This may be used to send team updates, event registration emails, as well as contact you regarding membership.
  • Not use the information, accessible as a member, to in any way contact fellow teammates for purposes outside of those necessary for promoting triathlon. Unethical behavior, as determined by SITT Board Members, can be grounds for immediately removal from the team. 
  • Not engage in any illegal activities with the use of members information. Your information will be given to the proper legal authorities, if illegal behavior is suspected.

SITT will not:

  • Sell your information in any way.
  • Send your information to vendors.
  • Provide your personal information to anyone outside of the SITT organization.

If you are concerned about your privacy in any way, please reach out to info.sitriteam@gmail.com. We as the SITT board would like to make our information as secure as possible. If your personal situation requires an extra layer of anonymity, please contact the SITT Board with your request.

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